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Ульдемир Первый: накануне ядерной войны

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Результат "Нет" подтвержден официально
Нуи паповоду, reasons for Scottish referendum:

Nurse Noakes: You are going to be sorry in ways you cannot even imagine.

Mr. Meeks: Are there no true Scotsmen in the house? Those there English gerrunts are trampling all over my God-given rights!

Nurse Noakes: These people are mine.

Mr. Meeks: They've used me and my pals most direly and we are in need of a wee bit of assistance!

Блин, я верил, я знал. Из нормальной страны народ не валит.

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Прекрасная сцена :) Очень в тему референдума.

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